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Questions should be directed to: info@dtechparts.com  214 352 0868

Thankyou for visiting our site.  This site is dedicted to the car enthusiast who wants a better, simpler way to build, improve and /or maintain a classic ride

Our commitment to you is 99% of what we sell we USE in our own re-manufacturing operations of classic BMW’s, 60’s and 70’s Mustangs, Shelby, Camaros and A body GM cars as well as sertain BMW M cars.

Dtechnik is derived from our focus on improving, rebuilding and custom builds of  “Select” Classic vehicles.

There are many places you can just buy parts and those selling parts generally do much to have you belive it is the part that makes the car.   In reality if you have the right (Select) classic vehicle many if not most of the parts on care restorable, refurbhisable.  Thus knowledge of what works, what brakes, how to install and how to make all components of vehicles work in your project is and should be the primary focus in you efforts


 You have  a commitment from us we will provide this capability always.    

  • You can choose to buy one of our vehicles and have it built to order
  • You can send us your vehicle and we will improve it based on your wishes
  • OR through detechnik we can provide you complete kits engineered to work inyour classic that will improve the car or remake the car into a resto-mod
  • And if you choose we can sell you part(s) and the advice and knowlegede of how to make that part or parts work for you needs as inexpensively as possible

So step inside Dtechnik and reference our build to order gallery of hundreds of classic cars and restomods for ideas

Our experience of buidling 100’s of BMW 2002’s, 100's of Mustangs, many Shelby clones, Sunbeam Tigers, 69 Camaros and various other restomods we realize many buyers are not sure about having a car built remotely and / or have strong desires to be heavily involved in the process.  With Dtechnik you have a partner to assist in design souce complete kits that allow you or  favorite local technical / mechanical group spearhead your project.   

Our goal to simpley offer you a solution that give the pre-engineered thought like a kit car but for a classic investable vehicle

 Wheter it is a body kit, interior kits, seating kits,  brakes,  modern air conditioning, engine, lighting, trim, wheels and tires, modern features we will offer you a solution that we know works and we install on our build to order vehicles

 Yes, there is still hands on work involved but for the vehicles we focus on  they are “better “ engineered then most and an average or better mechanic or DIY can make this happen fast and efficiently.    

So don’t get caught with an unfinished project, don’t let some shop dazzle and confuse you with complexity or parts costs.   Show up with a vehicle and our kits and get it done .