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Why buy parts for a firm that uses everything we sell

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Dtechparts is part of the DCRA Inc. family of companies.   DCRA Inc. specializes in helping clients redesign their supply chains and manufacturing processes and technology

As part of this effort in 2007 DCRA founded Selectclassics.com which is a division that re-manufacturers classic cars and parts for classic cars.

In this past 13 years Selectclassics has built to order over 250 classic cars from the ground up and serviced and updated hundreds more.

Dtechnik and Dtechparts.com was founded to offer the parts and more importantly KITS of complete systems that we have designed for our own build so you the enthusiast has access to our engineering

Most enterprise we have found in the classic car parts business are pure brokers or distributors.   They do not build or even repair cars.  They just get a warehouse and an inventory system and often banks of clerks on a CRM system to answer calls and feed parts to you.    This is all well and good but the real need is to know the system, kit or individual part does indeed work for you application

In addition having a team that does not just sell parts out of a BMW catalog but actually has engineered new and better parts.

For example look at our stainless bumper systems, complete re-engineered heating and Air Conditioing systems for E10, E9 and classic Mustangs.   Notice our interior upholstrey is made from much better material is done with perforarted sections in seat areas and can be purchased as complete kits you can install or your upholsterer can quickly install.    Look at our carpet kits modified and seamed bigger and with better fit then others.  Our leather wrapped dashes or vinyl wrapped dash cap covers.

Also, please call us for other needs as we have as part of our integrated operation just about every part needed for an E10 BMW 2002  or 2002 Tii in stock.   A large collection of rare Tii parts (pumps, linkage etc.)

Happy motoring let us try to save you time, grief and money in your project goals


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