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BMW 2002 E10 Air Conditioning (AC) and Heat Evaporator KIT NEW redesigned as modern car

  • One example of installation.  This console is an  upgraded leather (extra cost) console with white french double stitch.
  • For a vintage look we can substitute in slide controls for install in original control area to right of steering wheel.   Comes with a holder and modern face plate but quite easy to peal off the faceplate on original cable controls and screw to plastic holder.  Provides vintage look
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  • Close up of electronic slide controls back in original location location with original faceplate attached for original look.   This face plate was not in perfect condition but easy for you to repaint, clean up face plate before install.   Slide controls come with chrome or black knobs please specify.
  • Optional upholstered console pieces in euro vinyl with black french stitch.  Stock setup comes in textured ABS plastic very close to original Behr, Clardy or Fridgking texture look.   So you choice of original look or upgraded upholstrey.  Generally this upgrade is $200 to $300 see other items for current pricing or just call us.   We often like to use a white stitch or red and blue "M" color stitch
  • Example installation.   A small hole approximately 2 inches in diameter required.  Fits perfectly below cowl and clears all system in stock engine bay.   We include some butyl rubber material to seal off old heater box and line hole for lines
  • Image 16
  • View of evaporator and heater pipes that will penetrate through fire wall.  Electronic actuators for heater control and AC expansion valve are fitted on engine bay side.   Makes install very clean.  Reduces chance of any leaking of heater fluids or freon leaks inside cabin.  Seals off to keep exhaust gases, engine fumes from reaching cabin.
45.00 LBS
$55.00 (Fixed shipping cost)

Product Description

This is a major upgrade to a stock BMW 2002.  Although BMW 2002 is in many respects designed better then a modern car the big weakness was the stock heater box which sits up in cowl area of car.  heater fan motors almost always fail due to water infiltration.   All AC's in 2002's were dealer installed and less then adequate.  This new custom designed combination heater coil and AC coil all in one unit fits nicely in the space and turns HVAC of a 2002 into a modern equivalent.    We have installed in various years  of 2002's and fits perfectly when you remove heater box.   Requires some creativity in making adjusting face plate or we can provide custom face plate and sides for unit to match look you desire.

Key Benefits over Stock OEM heater and original dealer installed Fridgking, Behr or Clarty add on asynchronous old AC units


Benefits pretty significant over stock


- blocks off flow of air from engine bay no more fuel smell


- heater control valve and expansion valve all serviceable from the engine bay


- electronic potentiometer slide controls memic stock controls but easy to install and servie


- electronic motors are serviceable from inside car ...2 min replacement if ever fail.. no tearing into dash


- room to put in 3 VDO gauge pack, radio and AC all in central console


- customizable for trim look to car to match leather wrap dash


- vents to left of steering wheel for better coverage


- heater vents to feet available with additional control extra $


- side intake can have filter added for cabin air filter performance


- lower cost then repair of failed heater box, brass valve, motor, van, exchanger on old heater not to mention repair of old dealer AC evap etc.



-          Evaporator / heat exchange fan unit

-          Electronic controls, wiring harness  (have optional unit with cable connections if interested that can be connected to orig AC fan                  speed and defrost vs. heat vent control)   

-          Expansion valve

-          Ducts 

-         2 front Ac Vents for center and 2 AC vents for mount on sides or other locations.   We usually install a driver vent to left of steering            wheel where orig slide controls located

-          Electronic controls including electronic actuator for duct (switch to ac, heat, defrost).  See not above have optional unit with cable             controls.  Requires more work to install but can give original look feel of controls if that is important to you


Customer can supply stock AC face plate or we can provide a face unit or custom face unit for extra charge.   We have custom designed these to look like

stock Behr, Fridgking or Clarty units


Note:  will need to use stereo unit with remove face or ipod control as will not be enough space for traditional 1 DIN stereo.. possible a small USB only stereo.  Small compromise to fix one design faux pau of original BMW 2002’s HVAC system. 

See our ads for Stereo (search for stereo for 2 low cost very nice units we sell)  Others are available from Alpine to Sony to whatever that are not more then 5 inches deep


Includes instructions of where to enlarge hole in firewall for heat and ac lines and how to fit unit.  Unit designed to fit without modification of dash or transmission tunnel



Note: see our other  listings for all AC components required under hood (compressor, dryer, condenser, lines, fittings etc.)

**Please note side panels roughed in are provided with AC unit but finish out in leather, vinyl and custom fitting Fridgking, Clardy or Behr center face place extra charge and requires core.   We can also provide a custom front face plate you can install and trim to radio or no radio of your choice.    All face plate work minor extra charge based on your choice of materials and radio

Upgraded console panels are made with custom vinyl or leather with french stitch (double back stitch ) on edges in black or in your favorite color accent.  Often used white stitch, red and blue "M" colors or white with a color like white and orange

samples under custom console item in catalog


Note:  New addition to kit is availability of slide potentiometer controls for electronic air flow and electronic heater control actuators can be installed in original control area to right or left of steering wheel and use original face plate to look residential to original cable controls !  Base kit ships with rotating knob controls but can substitute in slide controls for these two controls for small charge.   The AC fan speed and AC temp will continue to be mechanical knob controls regardless.   See picture of recent install included here

Here is link to new control option





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